All that I can't see

All that I can't see

Vibrant Archival ink print on Epson matte finish Canvas. Canvas print with museum finish archival inks lasting more than 50 years in vibrancy and colour saturation. Artwork shipped rolled in a tube.
Human eyes have a capability to see 0.01% of the matter that exists in the universe. 99.9% remains invisible to the human eye. It is said that under the effects of psychedelics the band of frequency stretches to almost 1% which makes kaleidoscopic/abstract patterns visible to the naked eye which we call as hallucinations. This piece is a representation of an imagination of how I would perceive an everyday sky with clouds.

  • Dimensions

    27x48 inches / 68x122 cms

  • Style

    Botanical/ Nature / Illustration / Urban

  • Medium

    Archival pigment inkjet print on canvas

  • Year

    July, 2021

  • Shipping

    Free, shipped in a tube