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Nailed it Series No. 156

Nailed it Series No. 156

Artwork comes framed in a white wooden frame with acrylic glass covering.
I like creating geometrical patterns through various mediums. I like them to be precise in terms of their shape and construction. Using threads and nails has been one of the many creative ways I could use to make geometrical shapes and have fun with them. Each nail is hammered individually and then I weave the threads through the nails one by one by hand until I get the desired shape and its placement onto the sculpture. Together these shapes create a beautiful complexity and the fine lines of threads mixing with each other create a beautiful, intricate pattern. Around 400 meters of thread is used to make this art piece. The plywood in the background is painted with acrylic colour.

  • Dimensions

    25x25x1.5 inches / 64x64x4 cms

  • Style

    Abstract / Art Deco / Geometric / Urban

  • Medium

    Acrylic paint, textiles and nails on wooden panel, Framed

  • Year

    April, 2021

  • Shipping

    Wooden crate