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Upcycled art Metallic Waves 3

Upcycled art Metallic Waves 3

Upcycled plastic water bottles treated and processed into a silhouette that accentuates the depth of waves of the ocean. 
Each piece is 22x20x5 cms each (8 pieces in total) and is secured individually on the wall with a 3M Velcro adhesive tape that can be reinstalled anywhere on the wall without leaving any marks. Total set of six pieces.
Artwork shipped safely secured in a wooden crate with certificate of authenticity.

  • Dimensions

    8.5x8x2.5 inches each 

    22x20x5 cms each

  • Style

    Abstract / Modern / Geometric / Pop

  • Medium

    Spray paint on upcycled plastic

  • Year

    June, 2023

  • Shipping

    In a wooden crate

$1,260.00 Regular Price
$945.00Sale Price
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